The fruits of labor in a third world country.

The image on the left is where Abdul lives with his 4 children, and creates these pieces of art you see on the right. When I started this business I was unaware of the harsh realities the artisans go through on a daily basis.His home where he resides is one room..just one room where the kids play, eat and sleep and where their father uses the very basic machinery you see in the photos to create magic. Once the product is made is goes out in the high fashion world and sells for a price that can pay his whole month's rent and put food on the table through various channels. Abdul doesn't know the real value of his art and talent and I am finding it harder and harder to close my eyes to it.

We are working to be able to play a small role in making Abdul's life(and many like him) a little less difficult. Thank you for being a part of that journey. A percentage of every sale goes to the families in need.❤️

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