About Us

Growing up,every time someone would ask me what I wanted for a present,the answer would be the same.I would tell them to bring me pieces of clothing or jewelry and over time I ended up only wanting jewelry. I remember finding old objects in strange places like car garage and workhouses and turning them into pieces of jewelry. Sometimes an old screw would get glued to a band made out of tin foil and i would wear it as a ring for days with pride. I didn't think much about it then.
As I grew older and started traveling,my expeditions revolved around places famous for great Vintage jewelry and ethnic clothing.While at Fashion school in Boston,I met many people from various parts of the world and most of them were intrigued by the statement pieces i would wear to school.One thing lead to another and one day a small exhibition of my personal collection for a few friends a couple of years ago turned into a full time adventure.

About the name
Zamarut Jewel is the fruit of a life long affair with  Jewelry."Zamarut" stands for Emerald in Persian.Emerald is my birthstone and i believe in its soothing energy that drives good luck to the person who wears it.
At Zamarut Jewel,each piece of jewelry has a story,every stone tells a tale.The pieces come from various regions from around the world.Most of them are hand picked by me and this has given me a chance to connect to the people who previously owned it and hear their intriguing life stories.